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Personal Business Card

Your personal business card is a great tool to promote your brand or whatever products you are selling. Designing one is not as easy as you think because you have to keep it simple, yet it should include all the details about your business.Through personal business cards it offers a personal touch as a contact information and allows you to meet other people, part and organization to get in touch with you. Which creates a good impression on everybody so having beautiful business cards templates and designs is a must. We need to produce the right kind of business cards with a beautiful and good quality but affordable. So many uses in business cards like advertising, coupon, and business. If we have business cards it looks professional and it helps us to be prepared. Personal business card is a tool for advertising and marketing so is a must to have a proper planning about the templates and designs as well as the profile. But don’t worry because here are some simple templates and designs you can modify to create your own business card.

Minimalist Design

A close up of a suitcase

The name tells it all. It’s minimal, and that means it shouldn’t contain a lot of complicated information. You can just include your name, contact details, and the logo for your brand. It also shouldn’t have multiple colors. Black and white works well. This design is perfect for photography, graphic design, and so on.

Landscape Business Card

A person sitting at a table with a laptop and smiling at the camera

Landscape Business Card is one of the most common designs of any business card, but you can modify it to your liking. You can include your email and social media accounts since you have a broader space to put them on. There are vast templates of this kind that you can make as a prototype.

Organized Layers Template

You can search for this kind of template and edit it on Adobe Photoshop. Since the layers are organized, you can change the background and add more details that you prefer. You can make it simple or include some intricate designs as well. If you are an illustrator or an artist, this type of personal business card fits you well.

Clean- Structured Design

A clean-structured design is almost similar to the minimalist one. But this type of design is a bit more versatile; you can add monochromatic colors. You can also put your personal logo and even your product website. It’s simple yet elegant, perfect for professional use.

Portrait Design

Contrary to the typical business card type, this design can let you include more details about your business. Your personal business logo can be put in the middle to give an impression to the receiver. There are also templates of this type that you can download and modify to your preferred look.

There are many templates and designs available for your personal business card, and they are all accessible and easy to modify. Be sure to choose one that fits your line of expertise well.

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